When one hears the word stewardship in church, one usually first thinks of money and pledges. This is a relatively limited way to think about the gifts we are given from God. Stewardship is a wonderful word invoking responsibility for the care of something. We generally practice good stewardship of our earth by recycling, reducing energy & water usage, and other ways. Even though we might own a home or condo, or rent an apartment, in some sense, we are stewards of it as someone else will be living in it after us.

But how well are you at being a steward of your faith? Are you actively working to pass it on to your children and grandchildren? Are you nourishing your faith? St. Mark has Bible study and other learning opportunities. During Lent, you have the opportunity on a midweek evening to prayerfully reflect and focus on God's blessings for you and the caring community here at St. Mark. Sunday worship is a time God set aside for us to be in fellowship with each other and to rest in Him through His Word and Sacrament and to give thanks for what is important in your life.

Embrace the concept of stewardship in your life and what it really means to be a child of God blessed by His immeasurable gifts of life, health, talents, family, friends, school, work, and the greatest gift of all, His Son.

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