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Message from Our Pastor

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Excerpted from Pastor Hoffman’s Feb. 11th sermon.  Relevant reading: Mark 9:2-9.  

The transfiguration is one of the great mysteries of our faith.  We can only guess about what happened on that mountaintop when Jesus was transfigured.  Yet not even our guessing can begin to answer how it all happened.  And to make matters worse, the whole episode goes against what we expect from an epiphany experience.

Last week I described an epiphany as that “ah-ha” moment when things suddenly become clear?  With an epiphany, we are supposed to gain understanding.  In an epiphany, the clouds part and the fog lifts, we shout “eureka” and knock our foreheads with a “duh.”

But this is not what happens in today’s Gospel lesson. 

With today’s celebration we bring the season of Epiphany to a close.  For the last few weeks our eyes have seen miracles that our minds could not fully comprehend.  Truly this man, born baby in a cattle stall, has amazed and dazzled us with healings and miracles. 

At his baptism we heard “This is my son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased.”  And again today, “This is my son, the beloved, listen to him.”  Leaving us as we enter the season of Lent wondering, “Who is this man, this wonder worker from the hick town of Nazareth?”

God responds, “Listen.” 

What does this Messiah mean for you and me?  Listen. 

How does one who suffers and dies redeem the world?  Listen.

Well into this mysterious mystery of the Transfiguration that fogs our glasses of faith, I invite you to open your ears and listen. 

Listen my children and you shall hear

of the Son of God who traveled far and near –

cleansing the lepers and making the deaf to hear.

But trust not your eyes and what you can see. 

It is in your ears that he whispers to thee. 

You are my child forgiven and set free. 

As you know the season of Lent is about to start

Listen carefully then and take this to heart

it is for the cross that I must now depart. 

Take my hand and follow me

all the way to Mount Calvary.

Watch and see, but even more, listen carefully. 

For the cock will crow and the soldiers shout,

listen now most of all and do not doubt. 

There is a plan, it must play out

I will suffer and I will die. 

but listen carefully for that one last cry

when in three days the Father raises me from on high.

This is the Gospel of the Lord.   


© 2018 Cheryl Hoffman 



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